Cyres Scientific Technology

Cyres Scientific's enhanced combined magnetic field bone growth technology (patent pending) utilizes a proprietary cyclical therapy technique that results in increased bone cell proliferation for all spinal fusions and non-unions.  In-vitro testing of this therapy has resulted in greater cellular proliferation when compared to existing combined magnetic field technologies.

Cyres Scientific's enhanced combined magnetic field therapy incorporates the best features of existing bone growth stimulator technologies, while improving upon those features that are lacking. 

The Cyres adaptive therapy provides several advantages over existing BGS devices:

The Cyres enhanced combined magnetic field stimulation therapy automatically adapts to provide an efficient and effective therapy for all patients.  

Adaptive CMF

Cyres Scientific's proprietary adaptive combined magnetic field therapy is used to enhance lumbar and cervical spinal fusion, and to treat non-unions of the tibia, femur, scaphoid, humerus, ulna, fibula, malleolus, radius, metacarpal, capitate, metatarsal, and clavicle.